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Guy and Linda Muse Visit From Ecuador: May 11, 2019


Bet Shalom was honored once again with a visit from Guy and Linda Muse from Ecuador on May 11, 2019. This year Guy and (mostly) Linda shared with us the challenges they meet on a daily basis working with the local people of their fishing village, Playa El Matal. The people-group that Guy and Linda are working with are descendants of the Jama-Coaque and they are very tight-knit families. The Jama-Coaque are known to have existed as a tribe dating back to 500 BC. As such, their superstitions are deeply rooted and their acceptance of the Gospel is slow. However, today, through the diligent efforts of Guy and Linda, the Jama-Coaque are coming to faith in Yeshua! Little by little, light is casting out the darkness, and it’s exciting to hear how one family member can lead the rest of the family group to faith. However, the work is far from done.

Guy and Linda work with developing new believers’ basic understanding of God’s word and their continuing spiritual growth through daily reading and study. Also, despite the beautiful surroundings, the struggle of the villagers are tremendous. Their livelihood is mainly fishing, and threats from pirates are a constant threat. Families have lost their only source of income because of the murders and/or boat thefts committed by the pirates. But, in spite of all the challenges, God’s work is being accomplished!

Guy and Linda Need Your Prayers in the Following:

  • Love for the people
  • Laborers for the harvest
  • Focus on disciple-making
  • Health and safety
  • Our walk with the Lord
  • Maintain a Kingdom focus
  • Family in the USA



Would you like to donate to Guy and Linda’s ministry?

If you would like to donate to Guy and Linda’s ministry in Ecuador, here are two options for giving:

1. Mail a check payable to “Shepherd’s Staff” and in the memo section of the check, please write “Guy and Linda Muse #4752“. Then mail to :

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators
6739 Academy Road NE, Suite 320
Albuquerque, NM 87109

2. Online. Visit Guy and Linda’s page on Shepherd’s Staff website.  Click on the DONATE TO GUY AND LINDA MUSE button. That’s it! You can donate through Electronic Checking from your personal checking or savings account, or by using your Credit/Debit card. This is the quickest, safest and easiest way to send us your financial gifts.

Their missions organization, Shepherd’s Staff, a 501c3 non-profit, will receipt every donation within 7-10 days of receiving it. This receipt will include a tear off coupon and self-address envelope for their next donation. Supporters may receive a letter, email or annual receipt.

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