If you’d like to donate online to Bet Shalom, you can use our easy donation portal below. We accept donations by credit card or ACH payment (i.e. from your bank account, sometimes referred to as e-check).

Register vs. Quick Give

If you choose to register with our donation portal, you will be able to access your own donation history, set up recurring donations, or donate by ACH (from your bank account).

Quick Give offers you a simple way to make a one-time donation, or if you would prefer not to register.

What does it mean if I accept the convenience fee?

When you register, you can select the checkbox "I accept the convenience fee." Your online donation will then slightly increase. This ensures that your entire intended donation goes to Bet Shalom Messianic Assembly. The increase offsets the charges that are normally incurred for any credit card or online bank transaction.

For example, if you wish to donate $50.00 and accept the convenience fee, an extra $1.40 will be added to your donation. Bet Shalom Messianic Assembly will receive the full $50 you intended to donate and the extra $1.40 will cover the processing fees of the transaction.  Also, please note that you will receive full credit for the $51.40 when you file your taxes for charitable donations.

I don't feel comfortable giving online

Our donation portal uses an industry-standard secure connection just like your bank. You will notice the green lock and https, both at Bet Shalom Messianic Assembly and at our donation portal. Bet Shalom Messianic Assembly does not see nor store your credit card information. We only receive basic information regarding your donation.

If you still feel more comfortable mailing in your donation, please see our Contact page.

Thank you and may Adonai bless you for considering giving your donation to Bet Shalom Messianic Assembly. Shalom!